About Us

California Home Assistance has been assisting many home owners who are having difficulties with their mortgage. With honest, professional, and knowledgeable agents, California Home Assistance is your number one choice in dealing with the short sale of your property.

California Home Assistance offers a solution to your mortgage nightmare and a solution to a brighter future. With professional real estate attorneys on your side, California Home Assistance is committed to offering the highest service and resources to assist all home owners in this difficult time.

Why California Home Assistance?

  1. California Home Assistance has surpassed all short sale companies with the level of service, knowledge and professionalism we offer.
  2. We provide an expert real estate attorney free of charge to you.
  3. Our 100% success rate on short sales gives you the confidence you need to proceed.
  4. Our short sale experts and attorneys are committed to answering all of your questions and finding the best solution to your particular situation.
  5. We are committed to maintaining a lasting relationship with you.
  6. We are here with you every step of the way, during and after the short sale process. From rebuilding your credit to finding a new home to purchase, California Home Assistance works hard after the short sale process to make sure you succeed in your new life.

We are here to help you at no cost!

  • Attorney on staff
  • 100% success rate
  • Experts in short sales
  • Strong relationships with lenders
  • Exceptional service and professionalism
  • Short sale service at no cost to you
  • User account for you to monitor your short sale process

How can California Home Assistance help me?

  • Help you avoid foreclosure and eviction
  • Help you minimize credit damages
  • Counsel you through the process
  • Give you and your family a fresh start
  • Provide relief during a difficult time.

California Home Assistance understands that every client has a unique situation. Our experts and attorney will assist in finding the best solution to your needs, whether that solution be a bankruptcy, a loan modification, or something else entirely. Whatever your situation, California Home Assistance will make sure that you get the best possible outcome.

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